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Cahill Energy

A lightening rod for powerful change.

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Helping make Barbados a cleaner place to live...

Barbados now spends $850 million importing fossil fuels which is extremely costly and
unsustainable while the use of incineration and landfill are no longer satisfactory
solutions for waste removal.

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A unique energy and waste management
solution is coming to Barbados

We're staying ahead of the curve in clean waste
management and sustainable energy production.
Barbados is working with Cahill Energy to build
a Plasma Gasification plant that uses municipal
waste to create clean energy and transform it
into useable products.


The Bigger Picture

Waste disposal methods such as landfill and incineration are causing unprecedented environmental damage around the world and we have gone beyond our ability to solve these problems using traditional technologies. Where do we look to find solutions?

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Cahill’s Vision

To develop a pipeline of plasma gasification plants in rigorously assessed locations to help alleviate the critical challenge of waste management, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions, while delivering excellent value for shareholders and countries alike.

Transforming waste into Syngas & Energy Using Plasma Gasification

In May 2012, Barbados hosted the UN Development Program’s “Achieving Sustainable Energy for All in Small Island Developing States” conference in the capital Bridgetown, during which the country committed itself to the “Barbados Declaration” which agrees to take actions toward providing universal access to energy, switching to renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

During the UNDP conference, the Government of Barbados also committed the country to increasing renewable energy’s share of the island’s electricity capacity to 29% by 2029. The new Cahill Energy Plasma Gasification plant is an integral part of that plan.

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