The People of Barbados

The People

Barbados is primarily made up of people of mostly African descent. They are commonly referred to as Bajans. The Bajans have the reputation of being the friendliest in the West Indies. They always greet you with a smile and make you feel welcome. The Bajans are a fun loving people who live life to the fullest and always make the time for friends and family. They love their National sports and they revel in the music of the Caribbean.


Barbados boasts some of the best Polo venues in the world. Holder’s Polo Field is the main venue in Barbados.

International teams such as Italy, England, Jamaica and Ireland have all played among the lush setting of Holder’s Polo Field. Polo in Barbados usually attracts International Media coverage; it is one of the more popular and entertaining sports in Barbados; it is in the true spirit of the Barbados culture. Many visitors to the island as well as the locals enjoy the unique polo experience.

Cricket is also a favourite sport of Barbados. The main international cricket stadium is the new Kensington Oval, north of Bridgetown.

Football (Soccer) and hockey are also popular sports. The Bajans revel in the many sports competitions that are held throughout the island. The Garrison Savanna Racetrack, has weekly horse racing with the Gold Cup being the pinnacle of all the events held.


Wherever you go in Barbados you’ll hear the relaxing rhythms of R&B, Calypso and of course Reggae; the soul sound of Barbados. Barbados is well known for hosting many music festivals as Music is a way of life in Barbados

Crop Over

Bridgetown, Barbados is a city that embodies rich cultural heritage everywhere you look. It has the beautiful historical buildings as well as the third oldest Parliament in the Commonwealth. It has a British feel that the island is well known for.

A special time on the island is when the first Monday of August comes around. On that special day, an event takes place what is called “wukking up”, the first day of their national event called “Crop Over”.

The streets come alive with the sounds of Soca music blasting from speakers on moving vehicles, flags from all over the Caribbean waving in the skies, and of course the rum flows freely. The grand parade is the highlight and usually Bajan superstar Rihanna joins the revelers in celebration. The Bajans are decked out is colorful costumes, beads and feathers, the more extravagant the better! Kadooment Day is when the Barbados Crop Over comes to a head. This is also the largest summer carnival celebration in all of the Caribbean.

This modern day Crop Over is administered by the National Cultural Foundation. Although the Festival of today is vastly different from the original Crop Over festivities, it continues the tradition by offering a once in a lifetime celebration of the Bajan Culture, both new and old.


From the stunning beauty of its pristine beaches, to the calm, serene waters of the entire coast, Barbados offers so much to do within its 430 sq. km of Caribbean paradise.

The island has a thriving nightlife and year round events aimed at both the locals and tourists alike. Barbados is known for having a welcoming warmth and hospitality no matter where you go on the island.

Barbados is rich in British traditions and yet exudes a strong Canadian presence as well; it embraces it’s historic past. Barbados is known as one of the most diverse of all the Caribbean countries; with its proud heritage, it has something to offer everyone.

Accommodations in Barbados range from romantic retreats at the most luxurious resorts to smaller more intimate hotels, so no matter what you are looking for, you are likely to find it in Barbados. Barbados is also a beacon for the many cruise ships sailing to the Caribbean in search of fun, adventure and tranquillity.

The appeal of Barbados is not just the beaches and the beautiful weather but a magnificent attraction for the thousands of history buffs that come to the island every year.